About Me

About Me

I am Shailesh Kumar Rai (State Co-Ordinator of Indian Student Council) , I am only 23 years old. I am proud to be an Indian. I say proudly anywhere that I am an Indian. The culture of India gives me a sense of pride every moment.

My conscience realizes that on the virtuous land I was born on The virtuous land is very laborious. As we are living in the 21st century but our previous culture and civilization keeps sensitizing my mind, I have chosen a very difficult path and the name of that path is social service, especially the 23-year-old youth Can not ever create a sense of social service in his mind but I did. But as a youth of Indian culture, our culture pulls me towards this side, my Indian culture tells me loudly that you are young, your job is to think about your own society, think about your nation. That's why I am doing social work regularly, as a youth of the country, to save our culture and civilization somewhere. And I have only one purpose for the young people of our country to persuade Indian words and Indianism.

My Vision

I know the day on which our country's young Indians will observe the Indian words correctly, on that day our country will be at the peak of the world. Bharat Mata will be praised everywhere, Brothers, sisters being a young man has taken such a big responsibility on his shoulder. I do not have only hope but have strong believe that you all will support me and we will make India a world guru again.

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